Go beyond the desktop – take your solutions to iPad and iPhone with FileMaker Go

FileMaker Go is a free app that runs FileMaker solutions on iPad and iPhone so you can connect to your data anywhere. Use FileMaker Go to easily share information with your team while on the go. Check inventory in the warehouse, create invoices during client visits, negotiate sales deals on road, and more.

FileMaker Go 15 is the newest version of the free app that runs FileMaker solutions on iPad and iPhone. Newly redesigned with an iOS 8-style interface, FileMaker Go 15 includes features to make it even easier to control how your solutions look and run on iPad and iPhone.

Some of the FileMaker Go solutions Databuzz has built include:

  • a Pocket Resource Library for real estate agents containing marketing templates, scripts, training, audio, videos, learning content and more which they can access on the road or in the office (you can watch a short video about this app here)
  • a solution for septic tank servicing, allowing technicians to complete a service report on-site and upload the data back to the office database and email the customer a Service Report PDF
  • a solution for a removalist company to allow them to easily quote on new jobs and upload data back to the main office database
  • a solution for a lighting technology company to allow electricians to capture details about current energy-use and develop energy-saving lighting solutions onsite
  • an interface for the iPhone and iPad to fmSMS, our award-winning solution that allows you to send and receive SMS/TEXT Messages from FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, FileMaker Server and FileMaker WebDirect

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