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FileMaker Pro 9 Bible Book Released

A new FileMaker related book has recently been released – FileMaker Pro 9 Bible, co-authored by Australia’s very own Ray Cologon and Dennis R. Cohen. Weighing in at a massize 768 pages this will be an invaluable addition for most FileMaker developers, both beginner and experienced. I’ve ordered my copy from Amazon already and are […]

New Website Launched

Our new website was launched this week. We’re still working on the content side of things and some additional functionality that will involve PHP and MySQL (we will be able to access these MySQL databases using the External SQL datasources feature of FileMaker Pro 9). Stayed tuned!

Posting XML Data

I’ve been working with some web services lately that require some XML data to be submitted as a POST. FileMaker Pro can import XML data from a .xml file or from an HTTP request (and use a XSLT stylesheet from a file or an HTTP request). However XML can only be exported to a .xml […]

zippScript Plugin

I’m a big fan of FileMaker Plugins and use them extensively in my solutions as they allow me to implement features that are not native to FileMaker Pro. I’ve spent some time lately with the zippScript plugin developed by John Kornhaus [Updated October 10 to remove the link to the zippTools website as John Kornhaus […]

FileMaker 9 Certification

FileMaker Inc have just announced that the certification test for FileMaker 9 is now available. I plan on attaining certification for FileMaker 9 as soon as possible to complement my certification in v8. I have my copy of the FileMaker Training Series which I will review before sitting for the test. Hopefully I can announce […]

FileMaker Pro 9 and ESS

I’ve spent some time over the past few weeks using the new External SQL Data Sources feature that is part of FileMaker Pro 9 and I have to say I’m pretty impressed. I’ve started using it internally to do something I’ve been dreaming of for many years – live integration (no import/export) between and internal […]

Welcome to the Databuzz Blog!

Well this is my first post to my new blog. I’m using the WordPress blog software and it took just under 1 hour to install and setup and I’m pretty impressed. Once my website is up and running I’ll be posting blogs about Databuzz and FileMaker.  Andrew