FileMaker WooCommerce Integration Specialists

As FileMaker WooCommerce Integration Specialists Databuzz can help integrate your FileMaker solution with WooCommerce. If you use FileMaker as your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and WooCommerce for your online ecommerce stores we can help eliminate any double data entry by automatically downloading WooCommerce Orders to FileMaker. Here’s some examples of how we can integrate your FileMaker solution with WooCommerce:

  • download WooCommerce Orders to FileMaker
  • download WooCommerce Products to FileMaker
  • download WooCommerce Customers to FileMaker
  • upload FileMaker Products to WooCommerce
  • upload FileMaker Customers to WooCommerce
  • upload FileMaker Coupons to WooCommerce

No more re-entering WooCommerce data into FileMaker – with a click of a button you can download your WooCommerce data directly to FileMaker within seconds, without giving your staff access to your WordPress/WooCommerce website.

If you would prefer to handle the WooCommerce integration yourself or use your own developer we also offer a standalone solution that you can use as a reference – fmEcommerce Link (WooCommerce Edition)

Contact us for a free initial consultation to discuss how we can help integrate your FileMaker solution with WooCommerce