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If you use Shopify and FileMaker don’t even waste your time trying develop your own solution. This is a great product out of the box, easy to integrate with our current FileMaker database and the customer service is nothing but amazing. Had a few questions along the way and Andrew has been nothing but helpful.

I must say the Xero API connection is perfect saved us a lot of time we were up and live in two days

Thank you so much. I have purchased the FmEcommerce Link for Shopify. From the beginning you have been very supportive and professional. The manual is very simple and clear, but the most important thing is that the solution works flawless. Congratulations. Now because of your help, I am sure, finally I can “open” my new online shopping

I have been using fmEcommerce Link (WooCommerce Edition) for several months. I want to compliment Andrew and Databuzz on both their outstanding product, and amazing service. I’ve been using FileMaker for over 25 years, but I’m not great at JSON or SQL. fmEcommerce Link has worked beautifully to connect my small business’s FileMaker backend to a new WooCommerce web store running on WordPress. Andrew has been a huge help at integrating their code with mine, and even answered a few technical questions unrelated to their software. Databuzz’s upgrades for FileMaker 16 and WooCommerce’s major 3.0 update were both timely, and worked great on the first try. I wholeheartedly recommend Databuzz and fmEcommerce for your FileMaker database and web store. For the record I am not an employee or affiliated with Databuzz.

After testing all of the inventory control plug-ins available for WooCommerce and realizing that none worked realistically for managing a large catalog I came across fmEcommerce Link (WooCommerce Edition).

Delighted to report that it worked brilliantly from the get. This is the only solution out there that makes it possible to…

  • find a group of products by vendor and apply batch calculated updates like decreasing the asking price by .05%
  • find a group of products by entry date and temporarily make them invisible or remove them from the catalog
  • re-order the items in the catalog to make sure the initial product landing page has fresh products every day
  • enable communications between practically any other system to keep products in sync between systems

Integrating the FileMaker calculation engine with WooCommerce is truly a missing link solution.

Awesome stuff! Great, great product.

We were looking for someway to interface FileMaker with an accounting system and stubbled across DataBuzz. We purchased the FMAccountingLink and within minutes were seamlessly working with XERO. We were amazed, just how easy this was and extremely satisfied with the software from DataBuzz. We also purchased the FMEcommerce interface for Shopify, which saved hours and hours of our time uploading products to the Shopify portal. We are hoping to bond the Shop and Account links with our own FileMaker CRM system to make a wonderful all-round solution!

I’m a fairly seasoned developer, but I purchased Databuzz’s fmEcommerce Link (Shopify Edition) solution to save myself time integrating our mission critical FileMaker system with a Shopify website.

I’ve been pleased with how thorough the integration is. Its saved me many, many hours of working with Shopify because FileMaker is much more robust tool to reorganize data and the re-upload. It also gets my orders out of Shopify very cleanly. Andrew was also always available to give detailed answers to questions. Thanks!

As a vertical solution provider, there is no point in re-inventing the wheel. fmSMS provided us an accelerated learning curve and bolt on schema saving us loads of time in development. A great investment.

fmSMS is great and it saves the office a lot of time. With the press of a button our drivers get their job details sent via SMS to them. It is a practical and economical system.

ntegrating fmSMS to our Filemaker Pro Calendar is the best decision we have made. We are now able to send text reminders, organise Marketing events or just communicate with our clients directly from Filemaker, increasing productivity. My favourite feature? The ability to buy texts from different gateway and take advantage of any offers available.