Posting XML Data

I’ve been working with some web services lately that require some XML data to be submitted as a POST. FileMaker Pro can import XML data from a .xml file or from an HTTP request (and use a XSLT stylesheet from a file or an HTTP request). However XML can only be exported to a .xml file which limits it’s usefullness when working with web services. I managed to workaround this using the Troi File Plugin and the Troi URL Plugin from Troi Automaterising (we’re big fans of the Troi plugins).

For one customer we exported the XML data using a stylesheet then read that .xml file back into the FileMaker solution using the Troi fil plugin. We then used the Troi URL plugin to POST that xml data directly to a web service. We then had to parse the XML that was returned and isolate a URL which we could then view using the Web Viewer. This all happens within a few seconds.

For the other customer the XML wasn’t particularly complicated so we crafted the XML using FileMaker calculations and posted that.