Databuzz Sponsors Reconnect.Brisbane Conference

Databuzz is pleased to once again sponsor the Reconnect Claris FileMaker Developer conference in 2024. Reconnect.Brisbane is on from 5-6 September 2024 at the Marriott Hotel in Brisbane.

The Launch Special tickets have almost sold out, so if you want to take advantage of the cheapest tickets before the price goes up head to the Reconnect.Brisbane website to purchase your tickets today.

In addition to the 2 days of conference sessions there will also be some pre-conference training courses led by industry experts Alexis Allen and David Head:

  • UI Design Workshop: Mastering Modern Design Principles (Alexis Allen)
  • FileMaker Masterclass: New Features in Action (David Head)

This is a great opportunity to expand your skills and knowledge in FileMaker development. You can get more information about these courses and register your interest on the Reconnect.Brisbane website here.

Let’s Reconnect at Reconnect.Brisbane 2024

The Reconnect Claris FileMaker Developer conference is happening again in 2024. After the success of Reconnect.Sydney last year we’re excited to announce that Reconnect.Brisbane is now confirmed for 5 – 6 September 2024 at the Marriott Hotel in Brisbane.

The same group of Claris Partners that organised Reconnect.Sydney have been busy over the past few months working with Claris to finalise the dates and venue for Reconnect.Brisbane.

A fantastic social event has also been confirmed for the Thursday night at Customs House overlooking the Brisbane river and the Story Bridge. Claris are also returning as the premier sponsor of the event and this year we will have a speaker from Claris in the USA in-person.

We’re in the early stages of planning the content and are hoping to attract some speakers from Europe and the USA.

Tickets are on sale now – get in early to take advantage of the early bird specials:

Reconnect.Brisbane will be the only official Claris FileMaker Developer conference in the APAC region in 2024 so don’t miss out as tickets are limited. This is not just an event for the APAC region – we’d love to see attendees from all over the world. Spring temperatures in Brisbane are 15 – 25°C (59 – 77°F) so if you’re looking for an excuse to escape the northern hemisphere winter, visit Australia and learn about the Claris platform we have the perfect event for you.

We will be adding more content to the website over the coming weeks, including hotel discount details and updates about the confirmed speakers. If you are interested sponsoring Reconnect.Brisbane we have a sponsors page on the website with further details of the available sponsorship packages available.

A Beginner’s Guide to the FileMaker OData API

Last week at the Reconnect.Sydney 2023 Claris FileMaker developer conference I gave a presentation on getting started with the FileMaker OData API titled A Beginner’s Guide to the FileMaker OData API.

Thanks to everyone who attended my session and laughing at my jokes and hitting me up with some great questions.

If you would like to get a copy of my slides you can download a copy of my slide deck here.

There were a couple of questions/issues that were raised at the end of the Q&A period that I ran out of time to answer properly. Here’s some comments about those issues:

  • there was a question about requesting cross joins of data from unrelated tables. I didn’t include a demo of this as my session was aimed at beginners getting going with OData, but you can get more information about this in the Claris FileMaker OData API Guide. The OData documentation on URL Conventions includes a section on Addressing the cross join of entity sets which goes into more detail.
  • I demonstrated the behaviour when you attempt to edit/update a record using the primary key as the identifier and if no matching record is found a new record is created. This is documented in the OData spec as Upsert an Entity: “An upsert occurs when the client sends an update request to a valid URL that identifies a single entity that does not exist. In this case the service MUST handle the request as a create entity request or fail the request altogether.” It looks like the behaviour has changed from the first release of the OData API for FileMaker Server for Linux.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions about my presentation or OData generally.