Clickatell launches new US small business SMS messaging package

Clickatell, a global leader in mobile communications specialising in SMS messaging, has launched a new monthly service for US small businesses, starting at just $24.95 per month, which includes a dedicated number and up to 1,000 free outbound text messages per month. Additional outbound text messages are as little as 2¢ per message, and all incoming customer messages are free of charge.

Clickatell was the very first SMS Gateway supported by fmSMS and they have a very comprehensive developer API that allows us to integrate sending and receiving of SMS/TEXT messages from FileMaker Pro (receiving will require hosting by FileMaker Server v9 or higher with Custom Web Publishing/PHP API). This new offer, combined with fmSMS, provides a turnkey solution for US small businesses to be sending and receiving SMS messages from FileMaker Pro in minutes.

According to Clickatell SMS messages have been proven to generate 10x or higher direct response rates than other media, averaging between 15-45 percent versus a typical 1-5 percent for popular forms of direct marketing. Text messaging also has a 5x higher open rate than email (98 percent vs. 20 percent). Text messaging is capable of reaching 91 percent of people and is used by 64 percent of the U.S. population, versus only 26 percent using Twitter and 42 percent using Facebook. In addition, mobile messaging enables much more targeted, personal interaction and receipt notification than popular social media engines.

Click on the graphic below for full details or visit the Clickatell US Small Business website at

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