Databuzz SMS Solution featured in FileMaker Asia Pacific Newsletter

A 2 way SMS solution we built for a client is featured in the latest FileMaker Asia Pacific Newsletter:

The solution allows people interested in a property for sale with a real estate agency to “subscribe” to that property by sending an SMS with the property code to a dedicated virtual number that they see advertised on a billboard or website. For example if you were interested in a property you would send an SMS with the property code (e.g. L1234) to the advertised number.

This incoming message – MO (Mobile Originated) – is then pushed to a webpage hosted as part of the real estate agency’s FileMaker Server Custom Web Publishing deployment. The php page processes the incoming request, creates a record in the Subscriptions table linked to the property they are interested in, the sends back a custom message with details about the property and the agent who is handling the listing.

Follow up messages can be sent to everyone that has subscribed to the property – for example details about open house times, price changes or upcoming auction details.

For more information about 2 way SMS and FileMaker please visit the fmSMS website.