FileMaker Pro 9 Bible Book Released

A new FileMaker related book has recently been released – FileMaker Pro 9 Bible, co-authored by Australia’s very own Ray Cologon and Dennis R. Cohen. Weighing in at a massize 768 pages this will be an invaluable addition for most FileMaker developers, both beginner and experienced. I’ve ordered my copy from Amazon already and are looking forward to it’s imminent arival. Members of the FileMaker TechNet and FileMaker Business Alliance will be familiar with the quality of Ray’s contributions to the TechTalk/BizTalk mailing lists. A PDF of the table of contents is available at:

(which itself is 21 pages!) which shows the depth of content that this new book offers. I suspect this book will become one of the “must haves” for FileMaker developers worldwide (at least English speaking ones at this stage). Several example extracts are available on the publisher’s website at:,descCd-description.html

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