FileMaker Server 9 – server-side ScriptMaker scripts

One of the great new features of FileMaker Server 9 is the ability to schedule regular ScriptMaker scripts (i.e those that you create with FileMaker Pro/Pro Advanced). FileMaker Server has had the ability to perform system-level scripts since at least v5.5 as far as I can recall (e.g. Windows batch scripts for Windows and AppleScripts for Mac OS) but v9 allows you to schedule ScriptMaker scripts as well. This allows administrators to schedule batch processes to take place on the server or after business hours, for example for batch processing records for end of day processing.

The only limitation is that, like with Instant Web Publishing, the scripts must be “web compatible”:

The screenshot above shows the standard ScriptMaker script dialog box. In the bottom left hand corner there is a checkbox to indicate web compatability. With this ticked all web compatible scripts are left in black and non web compatible scripts are greyed out. So remember when creating scripts that you intend to schedule on Server 9 you must include only the web compatible script steps as indicated. I haven’t done any tests to determine what happens with non web compatible script steps to see if they are simply ignored or the script stops executing at that point.

Whilst working on the finishing touches to our new CRM product Data Manager I came across the idea of utilising the ability to schedule ScriptMaker steps in FileMaker Server 9 which will be the standard base version for multi user clients. We have routines that perform batch processes and use the Troi Dialog plugin to display a progress bar whilst the script is running to give feedback to the user. Unfortunately this means the user cannot use FileMaker whilst the script is running, for example when sending a bulk email to 500 customers. If it isn’t urgent that the email is sent immediately we will have the ability to set the batch operation to be scheduled so that the sending is actually performed by FileMaker Server, which will not interupt the user and can be performed out of business hours (less disruption to Internet connection) and makes better use of the Server’s resources. You can even use the new email notification feature to get feedback via email about the scripts operation, however you will need to build in some interface to allow clients to review batch operations to check for sending errors (e.g. Internet was down). Most plugins use the Set Field script step which is web compatble so it’s easy to use plugins that don’t rely on keyboard/mouse input and dialog boxes.

You can get more information on Server 9 script scheduling at:

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