fmAccounting Link (MYOB AccountRight Edition) Version History

v1.26 – 13/03/2018

  • fixed trial version privileges for Purchase Orders and Bills
  • when downloading Invoices from MYOB and uploading Invoices to MYOB it now stores the MYOB Invoice Number

v1.25 – 23/02/2018

  • added Bills examples
  • fixed issue with Purchase Orders Supplier Contacts value list
  • deselected “Do not replace existing value of field” for UnitPrice in PurchaseOrderItems and InvoiceItems tables
  • fixed URL  bug in Get All Service PurchaseOrders script when not filtering by date range
  • modified Purchase Order Line Items to reference BillQuantity instead of ShipQuantity

v1.21 – 27/11/2017

  • updated Get Invoices scripts to check for existing Invoice by MYOB ID and skip if already exists
  • updated Get Payments script to check for existing Payment by MYOB ID and skip if already exists
  • added new option to Get Payments script for Payment Date Range (between 2 dates)
  • added new option to Get Invoices scripts for Invoice Date Range (between 2 dates)

v1.2 – 31/10/2017

  • added Purchase Orders examples
  • minor changes to the MYOBItemJSON calculation formula to prevent JSON syntax errors
  • when uploading Invoices the JournalMemo value is retrieved if this field is empty in FileMaker
  • added JournalMemo field to Invoices layouts
  • fixed bug with Purchase Orders Supplier Contacts value list
  • updated Get Inventory scripts to download LastPurchasePrice field (read only)
  • updated upload scripts to check that the $parameters variable is not empty
  • updated Invoices ShipToAddress to include Customer Company Name

v1.13 – 23/05/2017

  • fixed issue with Set HTTP Headers subscript when uploading found set of records

v1.12 – 07/04/2017

  • added Get MYOB Invoice PDF (download the MYOB PDF for an Invoice to FileMaker)
  • changed rounding in Invoices to not round the InvoiceItem Tax Amount and round the Total Tax amount
  • fixed InvoiceItems List layout showing incorrect field for Account Code
  • changed InvoiceItems::UnitPrice field auto-enter calculation to “do not replace existing value” to prevent this being blank for non Item type Invoices when changing the Tax Code
  • updated to Base Elements plug-in v3.3.4

v1.11 – 06/03/2017

  • fixed issue navigating from MYOB Company layout to selected Job
  • updated reset script to also reset the  Interface::LinkedMyMYOBLogin field
  • trial version changes

v1.1 – 30/01/2017

  • added Jobs endpoint examples
  • added JobBudgets endpoint examples
  • updated GeneralJournals to download/upload Job IDs
  • updated Invoices to download/upload Job IDs
  • modified GeneralJournals Form layout to only show non header Accounts
  • updated InvoiceItems and GeneralJournalItems to use the MYOBDisplayUID for upload calculations

v1.0.9 – 16/01/2017

  • added timestamps to GET GeneralJournals script
  • added Total Debit/Total Credit fields to GeneralJournals list view

v1.0.8 – 12/01/2017

  • updated to Base Elements plug-in v3.3.3
  • fixed missing New Record step in Create new Employee Record script
  • added support for Company File User IDs linked with a my.MYOB login
  • fixed bug in Create Contact in MYOB script (missing Show Dialog step for found set confirmation)
  • added GeneralJournals endpoint examples (GET, PUT and POST)

v1.0.7 – 23/11/2016

  • added test to Invoice Payment upload for MYOB Invoice ID value
  • fixed bug with ContactsLastModifiedTimestamp not being updated when downloading Contacts by timestamp

v1.0.6 – 07/11/2016

  • updated all Invoice Types to support Header rows
  • added Round function to Invoice Items Unit Price auto-enter calculation

v1.0.5 – 04/11/2016

  • updated Service Invoice Items to support Header rows when uploading

v1.0.4 – 05/10/2016

  • updated Invoice layouts line items Account Code to only show non header Accounts (cannot upload Invoice Item to a Header Account)
  • fixed bug in OnFirstWindowOpen script when setting the $$myobCompanyBaseURL correctly for Cloud users
  • removed the auto-complete using existing values for the Invoices::Customer PO No. field
  • updated script ‘Get All Invoices’ to set the $currentTimestamp variable

v1.0.3 – 10/05/2016

  • fixed bug with Create Item script when checking MYOB Item ID for POST or PUT request
  • fixed bug with Invoices Total Payments calculation

v1.0.2 – 02/05/2016

  • added Read Only fields to GET Inventory Items
  • added new module: FormTemplates
  • updated Contacts to upload/download Form Template
  • updated Contacts conditional formatting for mandatory fields to reflect only those mandatory for  a Customer or a Supplier

v1.0.1 – 19/04/2016

  • added option to delete existing Company Files record when downloading
  • changed Desktop API Authentication Web Viewer display to address issue with Windows not displaying contents correctly

v1.0 – 12/04/2016

  • initial public release