fmAccounting Link (Xero Edition) Update

We’ve just released an update to fmAccounting Link (Xero Edition) – v1.86. You can read about the changes in the version history notes but here are some of the highlights:

  • added a <Reference> field for Invoices POST calc so you can set the customer reference number
  • updated the uploading of an Invoice to Xero to display any ApiException errors if present (more meaningful error messages)
  • Accounts: added portals to Accounts Form layout showing related Invoice Items, Bill Items and Payments
  • Invoices: added script to GET the Xero online invoice url (the URL that customers can click on the Xero Invoice to make an online payment)
  • Invoices: added script/button to update the status from Xero for the current Invoice. This allows you to periodically check the status of any outstanding invoices from FileMaker to see if they have been paid in Xero, which is particularly helpful when you only record payments in Xero
  • Invoices: added script to GET the Xero Invoice PDF. This lets you download the same PDF that Xero generates to a FileMaker container field, allowing you to file it or email it etc.
  • Invoices: added a Mark as Sent flag for the Invoice and added SentToContact to XeroInvoicePOSTCalc field. If you’re using Xero’s new email reminders feature this is required to let Xero know the Invoice has been sent to the customer

This update is once again free to all existing customers – just download the latest version from the same link from your order email. We’re working on the next round of changes which will include examples for the following Xero API endpoints:

  • Expense Claims
  • Purchase Orders
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