fmEcommerce Link (WooCommerce Edition) Now Supports Media Uploads from FileMaker Container Fields

One of the limitations when it comes to uploading images for Products using the WooCommerce REST API is that you have to either include a source URL for WooCommerce to download the image from, or include the ‘ID’ for the image from the WordPress Media Library. The WooCommerce API doesn’t allow for files to be uploaded directly from a FileMaker container field, which is where you would typically store them in FileMaker.

We regularly receive requests from customers wanting to know how they can upload files that are stored in their FileMaker container fields for Product Images and have had to regularly break the bad news to them. However we are pleased that we can finally offer a solution to this problem. You can now upload a file stored in a regular FileMaker container field:

and upload it to the WordPress Media Library at the click of a button:

Once it is in the WordPress Media Library you can quickly copy/paste the WordPress ID to a WooCommerce Product Image and upload that to WooCommerce:

We’ve leverage the WordPress REST API, which the WooCommerce API is fully integrated with, as this does allow for media files to be uploaded directly to the WordPress Media Library. We’re pleased to announce that v1.6 of fmEcommerce Link (WooCommerce Edition) is now available as a free update for all existing customers – we have a page covering all the details of how to install the required WordPress plugin and setup fmEcommerce Link for uploading files directly from FileMaker container fields.

Here’s a video showing the Media file upload from a FileMaker container field in action (you can also watch it directly on  YouTube here):

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  1. Andrew Duncan
    Andrew Duncan says:

    Hi Louk – yes this is a free update to all existing customers. We haven’t sent out an email notification yet, but you can download the latest version using the same link from your original order email. Contact us directly if you can’t find this or need use to send it to you again.

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