fmESignature Link (DocuSign Edition) v1.3 Update

We’ve just released another free update to fmESignature Link (DocuSign Edition), our FileMaker solution for integrating with the DocuSign eSignature platform. This update includes a number of new examples for sending and updating DocuSign Envelopes, including:

  • we’ve added an example for sending a signing request using Perform Script on Server
  • you can now void Envelopes that are not completed from fmESignature Link
  • you can resend the email request to all pending recipients. This can be helpful when you need to remind recipients that have not completed the signing process
  • you can now edit the email address of an Envelope recipient and resend the email notification. This is helpful when you’ve entered the wrong email address for a recipient and need to update this and resend it to their new email address
  • you can now delete Envelope recipients whose status is still pending
  • you can now set the Event Notification Webhook URL in the Requests table (as well as in the Templates table) to allow for greater flexibility in setting this for ad hoc requests
  • you can now set the Email Body of the DocuSign emails that are sent when sending a request from fmESignature Link

The Email Body that you can set via the DocuSign API is also referred to as the email “blurb” and the standard email body if not specified typically looks something like the highlighted text in this screenshot:

You can now specify some custom text to appear in place of the default email body which will look like this:

The full list of changes are listed in the version history notes here. Existing customers can download this version from the link on your original order email (contact us if you need the link to be reset etc). We’re working on the next update to fmESignature Link that will include examples for sending requests for Payments via the DocuSign API and specifying the language used for the signing process and hope to have this released within the next few weeks.

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