fmSMS Now Moving to Databuzz Website

Back in 2008 when we released our first FileMaker solution – fmSMS – we decided to launch a new website just for this product. We didn’t have any fancy eCommerce sites back then – we just used PayPal to handle the payment processing and we manually processed all the orders and emailed the files to the customer. Over time we added new functionality to the website and introduced WooCommerce to handle online orders and automatic fulfilment.

What we didn’t anticipate at the time was that fmSMS would not remain our only commercial FileMaker solution that we sell – today we have 9 FileMaker solutions that we sell and support, and plan to release a few more in the next 12 months. It no longer makes sense to maintain 2 online stores for our products, where fmSMS has it’s own site and all the other products are on the main Databuzz website.

Today we are decommissioning the standalone fmSMS website and moving the content into the main Databuzz website where it will sit alongside all our other products. We’ve also been hard at work over the past few months updating our Support site for fmSMS where you will now find a list of FAQs and our Getting Started Guides. Each SMS Gateway will now get a dedicated article in our Knowledgeable covering details specific to each Gateway, such as setting up Webhooks.

We haven’t migrated all the Orders from the backend across, but existing customers can always contact us if they need to redownload fmSMS again or the Webhooks files.

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