fmSMS now supports more than 40 SMS Gateways Internationally

Earlier this year we released fmSMS v3, a complete rewrite of fmSMS for FileMaker Pro v12. So far the feedback has been great and we have customers from all around the world using fmSMS to send and receive SMS/TXT messages everyday from their FileMaker solutions. We had a great time at the recent FileMaker Developer Conference in San Diego where we were able to demonstrate how you can send and receive SMS messages to attendees from many different countries.

Since the release of fmSMS v3 we’ve also been busy adding support for more SMS Gateway providers around the world. We now support over 40 SMS Gateway providers around the world, allowing our customers greater choice over which SMS Gateway provider to use in conjunction with fmSMS. Some of the more recent additions include:

  • Twilio – based in the USA, can deliver to over 1,000 carriers internationally
  • Nexmo – offices in San Francisco, London and Hong Kong. Can deliver to over 1,000 carriers around the world in over 200 countries
  • iTagg – based in the UK
  • HQSMS – based in Poland
  • Quiubas – based in USA/Mexico
  • Expert Texting – based in the USA, can delivery to 222+ countries
  • SMS Solutions Australia – based in Australia
  • Silverstreet – has offices all around the world, including The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russian Federation, Australia, Poland and Thailand
  • CDYNE – based in the USA
  • txtNation – has offices all around the world, including USA, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Spain and Finland
  • MobiWeb – has offices in UK, USA and Latin America

Most SMS Gateways will delivery to international destinations so their location normally doesn’t limit the countries to which they can delivery messages. You can get the full list of supported SMS Gateways from the fmSMS website at:

If there are SMS Gateways that you would like us to support just let us know. We can normally add a new SMS Gateway in a few hours.