fmSMS Updated with Additional SMS Gateways Support

We’ve just released v3.3 of fmSMS which now supports some additional European based SMS Gateways. We’re working on adding a few USA based SMS Gateways but our most recent additions include:

  • fastsms – based in the UK and can delivery to more than 180 carriers in over 90 countries
  • Wireless Services – based in The Netherlands with coverage of more than 550 networks in 170 countries

Most SMS Gateways will delivery to international destinations so their location normally doesn’t limit the countries to which they can delivery messages. You can get the full list of supported SMS Gateways from the fmSMS website at:

You can also download a trial version of fmSMS from the fmSMS website at:

Our Getting Started Guide will also help you get up and running with the trial version – most SMS Gateways offer a trial account which you can use with the trial version of fmSMS to send some free test messages.

If there are SMS Gateways that you would like us to support just let us know. We can normally add a new SMS Gateway in a few hours.