fmSMS v3 Coming Soon

We’re putting together the final touches to v3 of fmSMS, our two way SMS FileMaker solution that allows you to send and receive SMS/txt messages from your FileMaker database. With the release of FileMaker Pro v12 we decided to take this opportunity to rewrite fmSMS from the ground up, which has meant the v3 release has taken us a bit longer than we expected. Version 1 of fmSMS was originally created with FileMaker Pro v6, and v2 was developed with FileMaker Pro 9, 10 and 11. With the new v12 file format, plugin installation updates and the ExecuteSQL function we decided that it was a good time to go back to the drawing board and start afresh.

We’re also changing the plug-in we use with fmSMS v3 to the free BaseElements plug-in. The BaseElements plug-in already had a number of HTTP functions which we were able to implement quickly, however it was lacking a function that a number of our customers rely: proxy support. We decided to sponsor the development of this function which was included in the recent v2 release of the BaseElements plugin. The function is called as follows:

BE_HTTP_Set_Proxy ( proxy {; port ; username ; password } )

You can supply the proxy server address, along with the three optional parameters for the port number, proxy server username and proxy server password.

We’ve also reduced the number of files down from 3 to a single file. Using the BaseElements plug-in also allows us to remove any licensing restrictions and to include support for FileMaker Server scripts as standard (previously this required customers to purchase an additional plug-in license). We’ve also included support for additional SMS Gateways around the world, including the USA.

We hope to have the new version ready in a few weeks.