Where to get the Windows MS SQL Server 2005 driver for FileMaker ESS

Having spent around 30 minutes on Google I know I’m not the only one who had trouble finding the supported Windows ODBC driver for integrating FileMaker Pro v10 and MS SQL Server 2005. FileMaker Inc in their list of supported drivers refer to the Microsoft SQL Native Client 2005.90.3042.00 for use with MS SQL Server 2005 SP2 (9.0.3042) but unfortunately don’t provide a link to download this (or any other Windows drivers). After much searching and downloading you can find the driver here – look for the heading Microsoft SQL Server Native Client.

Hopefully this will help someone avoid the time I wasted trying to find the link to download the driver (which wasn’t already installed on the Windows XP SP3 PC I was working on). Microsoft could also make it a lot easier to find the client drivers – the MySQL drivers are much easier to find by comparison.

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