Databuzz now Xero Approved Developer

Databuzz is pleased to announce that we are now a Xero Approved Developer.



Like many of our customers we use FileMaker Pro to run our internal business processes and as a Customer Relationship Management solution – we’re tracking all our Customers, Invoices, Quotes etc in FileMaker. Earlier this year we decided to make the switch from MYOB to Xero for our accounting software – one of the main reasons we switched was the Xero API, which allows us to integrate FileMaker with Xero seamlessly, something we could never do before with MYOB, particularly on the Mac platform.

We love working with APIs and the Xero API  is no different – it’s well documented, has a great previewer feature and let’s us test API calls on a non production Xero file. We’ve performed a number of FileMaker to Xero integrations this year, starting with our own FileMaker CRM. We’ve been able to eliminate the previous double data entry of customers, invoices and payments in both FileMaker and our accounting software. Now we just enter everything in FileMaker and click a button to push the Customer, Invoice and Payment data directly to Xero.

If you would like more information about integrating FileMaker and Xero please visit out FileMaker Xero Integration page or contact us – we’ve built a simple FileMaker CRM database that we can use to demonstrate how you can exchange data between FileMaker and Xero so you can see this in action for yourself.



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  1. Michael Richards
    Michael Richards says:

    Congratulations Andrew. Well done. I predict you are going to be very busy in the coming years and as you improve the multitude of existing FMP CRM’s out there. As you link each FMP CRM to Xero, you might be putting another nail into the coffin containing MYOB.

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