FileMaker and Zoom Integration

Like most of the world I have spent large chunks of the past 18 month living in lockdown and working remotely from home. I’m currently in week 7 of another lockdown here in Sydney, Australia with no firm end date in sight for when we will get of lockdown. As we’ve moved to remote working our meetings have moved online and the Zoom video conferencing platform in particular has boomed during the pandemic as many businesses scrambled to move to virtual meetings.

In an average week I’ll have at least one meeting on Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. Databuzz, like hundreds of thousands of other companies around the world, has become a Zoom customer so we can host virtual meetings with our clients all around the world. In the last 12 months Zoom posted a massive 326% increase in revenue – in their most recent fiscal quarter the number of customers with more than 10 employees was up 87% from the same quarter last fiscal year.

As well as the standard video meetings Zoom also has a number of other products including Zoom Webinars where you can host online webinars/presentations to much larger audiences. This means you will also be generating a lot of new data, including:

  • Webinar Details
  • Lists of People who Registered
  • Lists of People who Attended

At some point you are going to want to get some of that Zoom data into your FileMaker business app so you can then follow up with registrants/attendees or update existing records with the details of the webinars they have attended. Luckily Zoom has an API that we can integrate the FileMaker Platform with, allowing us to automate the process of downloading Webinar lists, registrant lists and attendee lists. We’ve helped a number of customers over the past 12 months connect their FileMaker business apps with Zoom to automate this process so they are no longer dealing with export/import files and manually updating records.

Here’s a screenshot showing an example of the data you can download with the click of a button to get the Webinar Registrants into FileMaker:

List of Zoom Webinar Registrants

From here we can create or update records in your existing FileMaker solution, or simply create a link between the two so you can see at a glance which Webinars a contact in your FileMaker solution has registered for or attended. If you would like to discuss integrating Zoom with your FileMaker business app please get in touch for a free initial consultation to discuss your requirements.

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