fmAccounting Link (Xero Edition) Customers Map

Every now and then I like to generate a map and see where in the world our customers are located. We’ve shared some maps of where our fmSMS Customers are located and I’ve just generated a map for our fmAccounting Link (Xero Edition) customers. Xero currently reports that it has over 600,000 subscribers in more than 180 countries, however these 4 countries/regions represent their largest customer base:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • UK
  • North America

Xero will be announcing their annual results next month, but we know that as of 30 September, 2015 these countries/regions had the following subscribers:

  • Australia: 262,000
  • New Zealand: 163,000
  • UK: 102,000
  • North America: 47,000

Xero UK total subscribers recently overtook Sage 50, the UK’s #1 desktop accounting software product for the past 30 years. Australia and New Zealand is seeing subscriber growth of over 50% and North America is their fastest growing region.

It came as no surprise to see that our fmAccounting Link (Xero Edition) customers reflect these Xero numbers – as you can see in the following map all fmAccounting Link (Xero Edition) users are based in the four main Xero target markets:

fmXERO Customers April 2016

It will be interesting to see what happens over the next 12 months – based on Xero’s growth we’ll see more Australia, New Zealand, UK and North American customers, but we’re also expecting to see some interest from other countries that Xero is actively targeting such as Asia where Xero did it’s first ever Roadshow in February.

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