fmESignature Link (DocuSign Edition) and FileMaker WebDirect

Since first releasing fmESignature Link (DocuSign Edition) back in 2019 we’ve been asked regularly about support for FileMaker WebDirect. fmESignature Link (DocuSign Edition) was originally built for FileMaker Pro users and we didn’t do any testing or optimising for using it with FileMaker WebDirect. Over the years we’ve added support for performing scripts on FileMaker Server as well as for webhooks for receiving completed PDFs, and recently we decided to explore some options for using it with FileMaker WebDirect.

After publishing our updated guides for linking an existing FileMaker solution to the fmESignature Link file earlier this year we’ve had a number of enquiries about linking to a FileMaker solution that is accessed using FileMaker WebDirect and whether eSignature requests could be generated from a WebDirect solution. FileMaker Server has had the ability to create PDF files since v16, which is also the minimum version required for using fmESignature Link, so we couldn’t see any issues with generating a PDF from your FileMaker solution using FileMaker Server and then sending that across to the fmESignature Link file and creating a request and sending this all from a WebDirect session.

We’ve put together a new guide and a companion video that demonstrates how you can link your solution to the fmESignature Link file and create a custom PDF file and send a DocuSign request all from a WebDirect session:

fmESignature Link (DocuSign Edition) – WebDirect Linking

You will need to create a couple of new scripts to manage the process (we include some examples of these in our guide). Users of your existing FileMaker solution never see or access the fmESignature Link file directly. If you’re using FileMaker WebDirect as your primary interface and would like to incorporate sending agreements via DocuSign we think this is a great solution that you can implement relatively quickly. Please get in touch if you have any further questions or would like to schedule a live demonstration of this.

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