fmSMS Now Supports 75 SMS Gateways Internationally

We’ve just added another SMS Gateway (Zipwhip) to the list of supported SMS Gateways for fmSMS, our award winning solution that lets you send and receive SMS messages using the FileMaker platform. This brings the total number of supported SMS Gateways to 75!

Zipwhip was a bit different to most SMS Gateways that fmSMS supports – they allow you to enable text messaging for your existing business phone number (Landline or Toll-Free Phone Number). This allows you to have one number for customers to call you and text you – normally you would need to get a dedicated virtual mobile number to handle the incoming text/SMS messages.

SMS is still an extremely effective form a communication – 80% of consumers prefer to be contacted by a business via SMS/texting over a phone call. 98% of consumer text messages are read – only 10% of emails are even opened.

You can download a trial version of fmSMS and setup a trial account with one of the SMS Gateways to see how you can use FileMaker to send SMS Messages to your customers, employees, prospects etc.

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