WooCommerce Webhooks Using Claris Connect

We’ve just published a new support guide on setting up webhooks using Claris Connect with out fmEcommerce Link (WooCommerce Edition) solution. Using Claris Connect for webhooks can be a much simpler process than using the supplied PHP files for the FileMaker Data API as you don’t need to worry about hosting the php files and dealing with web servers, PHP configuration changes, port forwarding etc. You can setup a new Claris Connect Flow in a few minutes which can receive updates from WooCommerce and create new Order records or update existing customer records.

With the recent introduction of the Claris Platform Bundle and the Problem Solvers Circle which include a Claris Connect Standard license we expect to see a lot more customers be able to leverage the power that Claris Connect offers.

If you’re interested in using Claris Connect for receiving incoming webhook notifications for new WooCommerce orders please visit our WooCommerce Webhooks Using Claris Connect guide for step by step instructions. We’re pleased to report that no changes to the fmEcommerce Link file were required to support Claris Connect webhooks.

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