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With the recent introduction of the Claris Platform Bundle and the Problem Solvers Circle which include a Claris Connect Standard license we’ve decided to take another look at using Claris Connect for creating webhooks for our FileMaker Integration solutions. Claris Connect is a cloud-based data integration service that helps schools and businesses create powerful, automated workflows between applications. It was first released in March 2020 and required a seperate subscription to your FileMaker licensing, with plans starting at USD $99 per month, which was prohibitive for many potential customers.

Now that you can license the whole Claris Platform with a single subscription and get access to Claris Connect we expect to see a lot more customers be able to leverage the power that Claris Connect offers. We’ve always included PHP webhook files that initially worked with the FileMaker PHP API and more recently the FileMaker Data API. These webhook files allowed you to automate connections between your Claris FileMaker solution and other platforms, for example:

Webhooks can save schools and businesses time and money by automating these connections. Claris Connect includes a native Webhooks Connector that you can use to act as the receiver of the incoming requests and then perform additional actions, including creating new records in a FileMaker solution, populating fields with data from the webhook request and performing a FileMaker script. This can be a much simpler alternative to having to host PHP files somewhere and deal with web server configurations, port forwarding, PHP ini files etc. You can usually setup the Webhook in Claris Connect in minutes and don’t need to learn any new programming languages.

Databuzz will be providing support for using Claris Connect Webhooks as an alternative to the PHP files that we supply. For fmSMS we’ve created support guides for setting up Claris Connect Webhooks for both the Twilio SMS Gateway using the native Claris Connect Twilio app as a well as generic Claris Connect Webhooks for the other SMS Gateways:

We’ve also created support guides for Xero, WooCommerce, Shopify and DocuSign:

If you’ve recently signed up for either the Claris Platform Bundle and the Problem Solvers Circle we would encourage you to consider the advantage of using Claris Connect Webhooks over the traditional PHP files.

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