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Ever since Claris stopped bundling PHP with FileMaker Server (FileMaker Server 19.2.1 for Windows and FileMaker Server 19.4.1 for macOS) we’ve been exploring webhooks alternatives to the PHP files that we supply with our solutions for the Data API and the older PHP API.

We recently added support for using Claris Connect to receive the webhooks and we are now working on adding support for Otto Webhooks. Otto from Proof+Geist is a tool that augments the capabilities of FileMaker Server, including automating data migrations and transferring files between servers. It also allows you to create receivers for incoming webhooks.

Webhooks allow you to automate connections between your Claris FileMaker solution and other platforms, for example:

Webhooks can save schools and businesses time and money by automating these connections. Otto’s built in support for webhooks means you can use Otto to act as the receiver of the incoming requests and then perform additional actions, including creating new records in a FileMaker solution, populating fields with data from the webhook request and performing a FileMaker script. This can be a much simpler alternative to having to host PHP files somewhere and deal with web server configurations, port forwarding, PHP ini files etc. You can usually setup the webhook in Otto in under 10 minutes and don’t need to learn any new programming languages.

Databuzz will be providing support for using Otto Webhooks as an alternative to the PHP files that we supply, beginning with fmESignature Link (DocuSign Edition). You can read our support guides for setting up webhooks with Otto here:

We’ll be adding support for Otto webhooks to our other FileMaker solutions over the next few months – keep an eye on our support site for these.

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