JSON Calculation Function Improvements in FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced

As part of the compatibility testing of our products for the FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced release we were keen to test to see if there were any improvements to the performance of time consuming operations, such as downloading large sets of Orders from WooCommerce or Shopify, that involve parsing lots of JSON data.

We had been alerted to some JSON calculation function performance enhancements included with FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced so we set about running some tests with WooCommerce and Shopify and were pleasantly surprised to find out that the promises were true. In scripts such as this example:

where an initial set of JSON data representing a bulk group of Orders is retrieved and stored in a FileMaker variable, then each Order is parsed out in a looping script using the JSONGetElement function we’re seeing improvements of up to 50% from FileMaker Pro v16 and17.

If you’re using any of our products that use native FileMaker functions, such as fmEcommerce Link (WooCommerce Edition) and fmEcommerce Link (Shopify Edition), we recommend using FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced to take advantage of the speed increases when downloading or uploading.

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