MYOB Announces End of Support for MYOB AccountRight Classic v19

MYOB have recently announced that as of 30th September 2019 they will no longer provide features, patches, compliance updates or product support for AccountRight Classic (sometimes known as v19) in Australia and New Zealand. I’ve often wondered when MYOB would cease to support the Classic version of AccountRight. We get a lot of enquiries from customers in Australia and New Zealand still using v19 which lacks the API functionality that we use with our FileMaker MYOB Integration solutions, so we’re pleased to see that MYOB will be ceasing support for v19 and encouraging customers to upgrade to the modern versions of AccountRight or MYOB Essentials that have cloud support as well as API support.

For customers still using AccountRight Classic/v19 who upgrade to AccountRight 2018 or MYOB Essentials you will now be able to take advantage of many new features and you will also be able to integrate AccountRight or Essentials with your FileMaker solution in ways that were not previously possible. AccountRight Classic used ODBC to interact with AccountRight which had a number of limitations. For example you were limited to creating Windows-based applications that were primarily desktop bound. With the new AccountRight Live API, it’s easy to create applications using any programming language, for a variety of platforms, including Mac and Windows, as well as for devices runinng iOS, Android and Windows Mobile operating systems.

Databuzz has been integrating FileMaker solutions with AccountRight Live and Essentials since the APIs were first available a number of years ago. We’ve also created some products that show you how to integrate FileMaker with AccountRight Live or Essentials:

If you’re planning on upgrading from AccountRight Classic to either AccountRight 2018 or MYOB Essentials and you need to replace your existing ODBC integration or would like to discuss how you can integrate your FileMaker solution please get in touch to arrange a free consultation and discuss your requirements.

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  1. Jacob Kikkert
    Jacob Kikkert says:

    The question is: “will MYOB still confirm company files on their older versions after 30th September 2019?”

    I bought mine outright but have to allow confirmation electronically periodically and if that won’t happen then it effectively means that Myob has terminated my license to use the software that I bought outright.

  2. Andrew Duncan
    Andrew Duncan says:

    Hi Jacob,

    MYOB have said that after 30th September 2019 “anyone with a perpetual licence will still be able to access their file”.

  3. John Samperi
    John Samperi says:

    I still have version 17 (not 2017 but 17) it does ALL that I need and now I’m sort of being forced to upgrade. Lots of problems here simply because I don’t trust MYOB, like the guy above I fully paid for my version and upgrades and have been using MYOB since version 6. Last upgrade to V17 was a disaster because THEY send me the wrong version and would not install. It took a month to sort out and I’m afraid any other “upgrades” (ie extortion money) will end up the same way as the people I have been speaking to in India don’t seem to have their story right.

    So what’s going to happen if I don’t upgrade? Will I not be able to use MYOB after September?? I only use MYOB once every month or 2 for the occasional invoice and every quarter for the BAS.

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