MYOB Business – Changes to MYOB Essentials and AccountRight Products

MYOB have recently announced MYOB Business – a consolidation of the Essentials and AccountRight product lines on a single SaaS platform. MYOB Business will replace the MYOB Essentials and MYOB AccountRight product lines for new customers in Australia. There are now four subscription plans in the MYOB Business product suite:

  • MYOB Business Lite
  • MYOB Business Pro
  • MYOB Business AccountRight Plus
  • MYOB Business AccountRight Premier

The good news for anyone using our fmAccounting Link (MYOB AccountRight Edition) or fmAccounting Link (MYOB Essentials Edition) integration solutions – they will continue to work as usual as this is essentially just a name change. The API has been renamed to the MYOB Business API but this is a name change only – there are no technical changes to the API itself. References to the AccountRight/new Essentials API will be phased out and replaced with references to the MYOB Business API.

We will also be updating our product names to align with the new MYOB Business name and are exploring whether to consolidate our existing AccountRight and Essentials solutions into a single solution that will work with all plans in the MYOB Business product suite.

You can read more about the launch of MYOB Business and what this means for existing customers of Essentials and AccountRight on the MYOB Blog.

MYOB Announces End of Support for MYOB AccountRight Classic v19

MYOB have recently announced that as of 30th September 2019 they will no longer provide features, patches, compliance updates or product support for AccountRight Classic (sometimes known as v19) in Australia and New Zealand. I’ve often wondered when MYOB would cease to support the Classic version of AccountRight. We get a lot of enquiries from customers in Australia and New Zealand still using v19 which lacks the API functionality that we use with our FileMaker MYOB Integration solutions, so we’re pleased to see that MYOB will be ceasing support for v19 and encouraging customers to upgrade to the modern versions of AccountRight or MYOB Essentials that have cloud support as well as API support.

For customers still using AccountRight Classic/v19 who upgrade to AccountRight 2018 or MYOB Essentials you will now be able to take advantage of many new features and you will also be able to integrate AccountRight or Essentials with your FileMaker solution in ways that were not previously possible. AccountRight Classic used ODBC to interact with AccountRight which had a number of limitations. For example you were limited to creating Windows-based applications that were primarily desktop bound. With the new AccountRight Live API, it’s easy to create applications using any programming language, for a variety of platforms, including Mac and Windows, as well as for devices runinng iOS, Android and Windows Mobile operating systems.

Databuzz has been integrating FileMaker solutions with AccountRight Live and Essentials since the APIs were first available a number of years ago. We’ve also created some products that show you how to integrate FileMaker with AccountRight Live or Essentials:

If you’re planning on upgrading from AccountRight Classic to either AccountRight 2018 or MYOB Essentials and you need to replace your existing ODBC integration or would like to discuss how you can integrate your FileMaker solution please get in touch to arrange a free consultation and discuss your requirements.

Databuzz releases fmAccounting Link (MYOB Essentials Edition) – Integrate FileMaker Pro and MYOB Essentials Accounting Software

Sydney, Australia – May 17, 2016 – Databuzz today announced fmAccounting Link (MYOB Essentials Edition), a FileMaker solution that integrates with the MYOB Essentials Accounting Software.

fmAccounting Link (MYOB Essentials Edition) allows you to upload and download data between your FileMaker solution and MYOB Essentials, the easy online accounting that has everything your clients need to take care of business, including payroll. fmAccounting Link (MYOB Essentials Edition) removes double data entry and human errors saving your company significant time, money and hassle by automating the exchange of data between FileMaker and MYOB Essentials.

fmAccounting Link (MYOB Essentials Edition) is completely unlocked allowing you to integrate it into your FileMaker solution. You can copy and paste examples showing you how to authenticate with the MYOB Essentials API and upload Contacts, Invoices, Payments and more at the click of a button.

fmAccounting Link (MYOB Essentials Edition) features include:

  • works with FileMaker Pro v12, v13, v14 and v15
  • completely unlocked
  • can be hosted by FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server
  • works with Macintosh and Windows

“Many small businesses use FileMaker Pro to track their Contacts and generate Invoices and MYOB Essentials for accounting,” said Andrew Duncan, Director of Databuzz. “You no longer need to do any double data entry in both applications – with fmAccounting Link (MYOB Essentials Edition) you can push and pull data between FileMaker and MYOB Essentials at the click of a button.”

fmAccounting Link (MYOB Essentials Edition) includes examples for the following MYOB Essentials API endpoints:

  • Businesses: select from all available MYOB Essentials Businesses that you have access to
  • Contacts: download and upload Contacts (Customers and Suppliers)
  • Invoices: download and upload Invoices (including Invoice line items)
  • Items (Products): download and upload Items (Products price list)
  • Payments: upload Payments against an Invoice
  • Account Codes: download Account Codes from MYOB Essentials
  • Tax Types: download Tax Types from MYOB Essentials

 Availability, Pricing, and Compatibility

fmAccounting Link is available in a number of licenses: Company, Vertical Solution and Developer. It is available now from the Databuzz website at Workgroup Licenses start at AUD $495.00. fmAccounting Link (MYOB Essentials Edition) requires FileMaker Pro v12, v13, v14 or v15 and a subscription to MYOB Essentials.

Media/Customer Contact:

Andrew Duncan

Phone: +61 418 468 103

About Databuzz: Databuzz is a long standing member of the FileMaker Business Alliance. We have been developing and deploying FileMaker solutions for clients in Australia and internationally since 1999. Our clients are individuals, small-medium businesses, government agencies and multi-national corporations. Databuzz was founded by Andrew Duncan, a Certified FileMaker 14 Developer. For more information please visit our website at


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fmAccounting Link (MYOB Essentials Edition) Preview Video

We’ve just uploaded our first preview video for fmAccounting Link (MYOB Essentials Edition). This video demonstrates the following:

  • authenticating against the MYOB Essentials API
  • downloading a list of available MYOB Essentials Businesses
  • downloading Inventory Items, Tax Types and Chart of Accounts from MYOB Essentials
  • uploading a Contact from FileMaker Pro to MYOB Essentials
  • uploading an Invoice from FileMaker Pro to MYOB Essentials
  • uploading a Payment from FileMaker Pro to MYOB Essentials

You can watch the video below or directly on YouTube via this link.

We should be releasing fmAccounting Link (MYOB Essentials Edition) in the next couple of weeks – please Contact Us if you have any questions in the meantime.